About Onda

Onda means Wave*

Onda was started by Sergio Landau and Homero de Barros, both born and raised in Copacabana Beach, in Rio, Brazil. Sergio and Homero have been friends for long time, and did many outdoor activities together, including motocross, hiking, sailing, diving and surfing.

They took different turns in their lives and businesses; they separated from each other, going to live with their families on different continents. Homero went to Germany and started a wholesale business selling fruits to grocery stores; Sergio went to California and got involved in designing and manufacturing medical devices. But they always thought about their experiences with the outdoors in their native tropical country of Brazil; especially their daily connection with the South Atlantic ocean.

In 2007, Sergio and Homero reconnected here in the United States, and decided to try to make something fun, a product for the outdoors. Sergio, a design engineer by trade, went to the drawing board and came up with a first concept for the Onda longboard – a product that could reproduce the fun they had catching the waves at the beaches in Brazil when they were young men. They got excited with the idea and decided to phase out their respective businesses of fruits and medical devices, and develop the new product. After two and half years of intense R&D, they achieve their final design, a unique longboard that “feels” like riding waves on asphalt.

That’s how Onda was born…a pure fun and exhilarating longboard to ride…and a cool and practical way to get around the neighborhood, beach, and college campus.

*Onda means “wave” in Portuguese and Italian.

“I love my Onda board! It rides so smooth! And I love how easy it carves!! I’m very happy with my purchase!! Thank you so much :)” – Jackie San Diego, CA.

Choose Your Onda!

There is an Onda board for everyone! Fully customize your existing board or build a new board online from the ground up.

Zero Risk Guarantee

If for any reason you are dissatisfied with an Onda product, just send it back within 10 days of purchase and we will refund the full amount, including shipping. It's what we call Zero Risk.