What is the Onda Board?

The Onda Board is a unique, high-performance outdoor product most easily compared to a longboard skateboard. However, the Onda Board performs and handles much better than traditional longboards because of its smooth gliding wheels and its tremendous maneuverability.

Do I need to know how to skateboard to ride Onda boards?

No, you don’t. Learning to ride the Onda Board is much easier than learning how to ride a traditional longboard. This is because of its big wheels and stable center of gravity. Like anything, it may require practice, but even a novice should be able to ride comfortably in a short amount of time.

Is there only one size of Onda?

Yes, the Onda board is designed to be used by everyone ages 8 and up and weighing from 65 lbs to 250 lbs. Also, the board can be adjusted for people of all sorts of different skill levels. You can adjust your Onda for your own weight and riding skills just by changing the color-coded torsion shock.

How durable is the Onda Board?

The Onda Board is very durable. The deck, wheels, and trucks are made of tough engineering resins used on high end trucks and other heavy duty industrial products. The Onda will provide fun rides for many, many years.

Is maintenance required?

No. Other than checking if the wheels nuts and truck knobs are tight, there’s no other specific maintenance you need to follow.

Do I need to replace parts often?

The torsion shocks are a wear item; so when they get deformed or cracked, you will need to replace them. Eventually, to maintain the smoothness of your ride, you may need to replace the wheels and/or the bearings. All of these replacement items can be found in our website shop.

How do I know which torsion shocks to use?

You should start by trying your Onda Board with the softest shocks on flat ground. If you feel they are too wobbly, you progressively switch them out to harder shocks. Consult the manual for suggestions of shock combinations. You can use any combination of color shocks that you want.

How do I stop the Onda Board?

As with any other longboard, the Onda Board does not have a brake. You will need to develop skills to slow down and stop the board by carving, by dragging the sole of your shoes, or by jumping off the board if needed. This takes time and practice, so always ride your Onda Board on flat ground and at a speed where you’re confident that you can safely stop. Always wear safety gear.

Can I ride the Onda downhill?

Yes, but you should practice by taking easy rides on your Onda Board on flat ground first. As you gradually improve your riding skills, you may try to ride on a very slight slope. But remember, even on a slight incline, the Onda Board will pick up tremendous amounts of speed which may be hard to control for an inexperienced rider. So, do not ride your board on hilly ground until you are absolutely confident in your skills and your ability to stop. Never ride in traffic.

Can I do tricks with ONDA boards? Can I ride in skate parks?

Onda boards are designed for cruising and carving, so they won’t do the same tricks as a skateboard. Onda riders are developing a whole new set of tricks that work well with this unique board. With practice, you can ride our boards in skate parks and have lots of fun. If you’re looking to do typical skate tricks, a regular shortboard skateboard may be more appropriate. On the streets though, the Onda Board will perform much better than almost any other board.

“My Onda experience was great! I love the carving motion that resembles the snowboard. It is also durable and easy to maintain. I had a chance to compare the Onda to a $310 Vanguard and the Onda comes very close to the Vanguard. You guys should make it easier for consumers like me to be able to replace parts on the Onda (especially the wheels). But other than that, I would definitely recommend this board to people. It is a great product.” – Thuy San Jose, CA.

“Love my Onda Board. Ride it almost everyday. I am not the typical rider….I am 62 years old, but rode a skateboard until just recently for 40 years. The Onda board is easy to ride and steer and very durable. Love the fact that I can change the shocks. I have taken it off-road and on road and also to a skate park. Can’t say enough good things about it. Like it much better than a traditional longboard.” – David Gollup
Cary, NC

“The Onda Board rips! It is lightweight, grips your shoes firmly and responds quickly. I enjoy the speed it generates and I always lead my pack of daughters on their bikes and razor scooters. I also like the way it handles over bumps, humps and curbs with no problems. I also like the fact that ordering was an ease and shipping was fast and everything came in one piece. Thanks for the awesome ripping experience” – Jon Waluku, HI.