User Reviews

Jake – Dublin, OH


The wheels I’m currently using are the square lipped one. I’m going to try the others shortly. I went out with three of my skater friends. Here’s our first impressions.


  • Carving is super fun and feels great.
  • Pushing is really easy due to the dropped deck.
  • We loved the fact that those wheels go over everything. Very smooth even taking them off road. We did a lot of riding down hills and going in and out of the grass to loose speed. Worked great and was crazy fun. I’ve tried this on my tan tien and Eel with 70mm and 75mm wheels. Usually going from grass to pavement didn’t work out too smoothly on them. While it was flawless on your board!
  • I really appreciate that the deck is grip tape free. I got it super muddy from some off roading; and was able to just spray it down and dry it with some towels. Super effective, and it looked brand new. I’m always making my grip look so beat up after the first session… So quite the plus in my book.
  • At first we were a tad skeptical about the bushings changing system. It seemed TOO simple and my friends didn’t think it would work well.
  • WE WERE WRONG! We were able to change both sets of bushings in almost no time, and not needing lots of tools was amazing. I was also so pumped by the fact that you can hold the other bushings under the deck. So cool. We went on a fairly long trek to a big hill we ride often. I rode soft bushings on the way there for pushing and carving, then when I got to the hill run… I just stuck some hard bushings in and went! Pretty awesome: we all agreed.


  • We didn’t have many.
  • The only problem we had was on first use. A couple of us took some time getting used to the wide pushing stance. We are so accustomed to pushing close to the deck, but the bigger wheels took some getting used to. It was seriously just a small learning curve. Once we got used to it, it wasn’t a discomfort at all.
  • One guy thought the weight to be a little much. (he rides an apex, which is crazy light) I personally ride things like the bhangra; so it seemed just fine to me… Even a bit lighter.
  • So, that’s our first thoughts. I will ride it some more and get some more in depth info.
  • Loving the board!


Matthew – Brooklyn, NY

While I haven’t been longboarding & skateboarding a long time, I have gone through a lot of different boards. The Onda Board is the most durable board I’ve used. People ask me all the time, where did I get it.


Christopher – El Cajon, CA

I LOVE the Onda board! 

I love its carving ability.  I highly recommend the Onda to anybody!


Thuy – San Jose, CA

My Onda experience was great! I love the carving motion that resembles the snowboard. It is also durable and easy to maintain. I would definitely recommend this board to people. It is a great product.


Josh – Chico, CA

Ride is amazing… smooth and LONG!  I push, and the thing never stops.  A normal board has so much more rolling resistance due to the smaller and wider wheels… love this design!  


John – Tampa, FL

I jumped on the web and Google searches lead me to Onda Board.  Ten days later I am with board and hooked. I ride all through downtown, including all the traditional spaces and places boarders have ventured for years.  


Jackie – San Diego, CA

I love my Onda board! It rides so smooth! And I love how easy it carves!! I’m very happy with my purchase!!


David – Cary, NC

Love my Onda Board. Ride it almost everyday. I am not the typical rider….I am 62 years old, but rode a skateboard until just recently for 40 years. The Onda board is easy to ride and steer and very durable. Love the fact that I can change the shocks. I have taken it off-road and on road and also to a skate park. I can’t say enough good things about it…  I like it much better than a traditional longboard.


Jon – Waluku, HI

The Onda Board rips!  It is lightweight, grips your shoes firmly and responds quickly.  I enjoy the speed.

I also like the way it handles over bumps, humps and curbs with no problems.  I also like the fact that ordering was an ease and shipping was fast and everything came in one piece.  Thanks for the awesome ripping experience.


Jason – Jupiter, FL

Love my Onda Board! For three weeks now I’ve been coasting, carving and having a blast. The Onda is so much easier than a traditional long board, more forgiving and way smoother of a ride.


Tom – Rochester Hills, MI

It turns around on a dime.  I think you have a winner.


Tyrone – Tampa, FL

It is extremely easy to learn and a blast to ride

I would recommend the Onda to anyone


Evan – Berkeley, CA

The off-road abilities of Onda are surpassed by no other board. I really enjoy the fact that I can take shortcuts through grass or dirt on this board — something even my cruiser can’t do.

This is the best board you can get if you want a smooth ride to and from the beach.

If this board had a motto it would be “glide,” because riding this board truly feels like you are flying. I don’t have to worry about the smallest pebble or crack making me bail, so I can take my eyes off the ground ahead and take in the day more. This thing rides SMOOTH.


Charlton – Houston, TX

I love my Onda Board

The ride is just so smooth, and I like how you can travel long distances with very little effort.

Overall, this is the best board I ever ridden.


Angel – Miami, FL


This is a great board. I think it is fantastic.  It goes farther, faster and with a much smoother ride than any board we have.  None are even close to this board.

It shreds like nothing I have used before. It’s an absolute thrill to ride.


Eric – San Clemente, CA

The board is great; I use it to slalom down the hills. It has a neat high tech design and I love the way it responds.


Jim – Portland, OR

I love it; it’s WAY EASIER than snowboarding

It is comforting to not have to be as concerned about hitting cracks and debris like you would on a small wheeled conventional long board.


Michel – San Francisco, CA

It works well over grass, dirt, and uneven pavement; you’ll also never have to worry about going up drive ways, curbs, or crossing train tracks.

It rides smoother than any other board I have ridden, and I would recommend it to anyone in the market for a board.


Nick – UC Davis, CA

I can take my eyes off the road directly ahead and keep my head up. On other skateboards, I kept finding myself looking straight down in order to avoid cracks in the road, potholes, etc… Great ride, great product.


Mike – Santa Barbara, CA

The big wheels definitely give the Onda a huge glide and terrain advantage and the torsion shocks allow for some really awesome carving action.